LS Academy organizes since 2008 International conferences and local meetings across Europe,
dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector: clinical research, pharmacovigilance, statistics, epidemiology and medical device.


Why LS Academy?

Our conferences have a strong scientific content, guaranteed by an independent scientific board for each of them. This is what guarantees the quality and seniority of participants, which in turns allows to valuable learning and networking.


ePharma Day –

The ePharma Day is an initiative that aims to provide discussion-events in various European countries concerning issues related to quality compliance as well as to rules, regulation and management of clinical research and drug development with the objective of bringing together people with different perspectives and functions to share common winning strategies and tools that can be applied across the pharmaceutical industry.


Pharmacovigilance Day – 

Pharmacovigilance Day brings together safety experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare setting: pharma and medical devices companies, biotech, Regulatory Authorities, academic research centers. The aim is to discuss the hottest topics around Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance environment.


European Statistical Forum – 

European Statistical Forum aims to face statistical topics focusing on the most advanced methodological, regulatory and operational characteristics to support the drug and medical devices development.


European Epidemiological Forum –

Epidemiological Forum is an international event with the aim to share knowledge on clinical observational research, an essential tool in the health care development processes.



Patient Partnering in Clinical Development  –

During the 2019 PPCD conference, key opinion leaders and experts from both industry and patient communities intends to give insight into how the contributions from patients have resulted in the conceptualization of clinical trials. Another important aspect analyzed is how the collaboration with communities on local and regional levels are integrated at various stages of clinical project life cycles helping in funding, planning, recruitment and retention.


MedDev Day  –

MedDev Day is an annual initiative addressing the important changes and updates in the field of Medical Devices from a wide range perspective. The conference aims at promoting the exchange of expertise, bringing together qua­lity, regulatory, clinical development and other player coming from Medical Devices, Pharma company, CROs, Regulatory Authorities and Academia to share winning strategies, best practices and examples.

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