Have you ever wondered what distinguishes average writing assistance from an excellent medical writing service?

It is not just about having expert Medical Writers in our team (which we do). It is more than having a straightforward communication process with our clients (which we are proud of).

It is the peace of mind that you will have knowing that, no matter the type of project, you can trust that all your scientific documentation is in good hands.

Across a wide range of areas, LS Academy helps you prepare clear, readable documents, within:

We know, as well as you do, that:

  • Readable, reviewer-friendly regulatory documents are key to market access
  • Clear, understandable medical communications materials are essential to stakeholders’ engagement

But too often, the preparation of these important documents is overlooked, creating inaccurate, obscure texts that waste your time and resources. Whether because there is no in-house writing team or there is a deadline looming, sometimes it is hard to keep up with the demand.

This has a considerable impact on your pharmaceutical and medical device products, but also on the health of patients that benefit from them.

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Do you need to prepare clear and readable documents?
We understand how important your scientific documentation is.

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We help our clients in their journey throughout the entire project.

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At LS Academy, we understand how important your scientific documentation is.

With our team of dedicated Medical Writers, we provide high-quality medical writing support across a wide range of therapeutic areas within Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, throughout the entire lifecycle of your product, from product and drug development, passing through all submission phases and to post-market surveillance.

We know that different audiences require different types of communication. A data analysis for clinical or nonclinical summaries demands different skills from our medical writers than a patient-centric information sheet regarding enrolment in a phase III clinical trial.

Nevertheless, the solutions provided by our team of experts can accommodate all your different requirements.

Here are some of the documents we can help you prepare:

Regulatory Writing

  • Clinical documentation
  • Clinical Development plan
  • Clinical Study Reports (CSR)
  • Common Technical Document (CTD)
  • Investigator’s Brochure (IB)
  • Investigational New Drug (IND)
  • Pediatric Study Plan (PSP)
  • Lay Summaries
  • Clinical Study Protocol (CSP)
  • Clinical Investigation Plan (CIP)
  • Informed Consent Form (ICF)
  • Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD)
  • Pediatric Investigation Plan (PIP)
  • Clinical Evaluation Plan (CEP)
  • Clinical Evaluation Report (CER)
  • Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR)
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • Summaries of safety and clinical performance (SSCP)
  • Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up (PMCF)
  • Regulatory intelligence reports

Medical Communications

  • Scientific Manuscripts and communications
  • Abstracts, posters and congress slide decks
  • Website Content
  • Training Material for Healthcare Professionals
  • Documentation for the lay audience
  • Literature Reviews
  • Technical or Marketing Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Competitive intelligence reports
  • Literature reports
  • Advanced literature searches

Our Medical Writing team offers a professional service that specialises in harnessing the full potential of words, skilfully crafting meaningful and impactful scientific texts.

Our team of experts possess the unique ability to transform complex medical information into clear and compelling content.

With a deep understanding of scientific principles and excellent writing skills, we effortlessly weave intricate meanings into our texts, ensuring clarity and coherence.

By unleashing the power of words, we take scientific writing to the next level, delivering highly effective and engaging content.