LS Academy helps you prepare clear, readable documents, within:

We know, as well as you do, that:
  • Readable, reviewer-friendly regulatory documents are key to market access
  • Clear, understandable medical communications materials are essential to stakeholders’ engagement
But too often, the preparation of these important documents is overlooked, creating inaccurate, obscure texts that waste your time and resources. This has a considerable impact on your products, but also on the patients that benefit from them.

At LS Academy, we understand how important your scientific documentation is.

With our team of dedicated medical writers, we provide specialised/specialized support within Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices throughout the entire lifecycle of your product, from development to post-market.

Here are some of the documents we can help you prepare:

  • Research Protocols
  • Clinical Investigation Plans
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Scientific Manuscripts
  • Website Content
  • Training Material for Healthcare Professionals
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Lay Summaries
  • Clinical Evaluation Reports
  • Analysis of the Literature
  • Technical Brochures

Want to know more?

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