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Medical writing is the activity of producing scientific and medical documentation by a specialized writer. Medical writing as a function became established in the pharmaceutical, medical device industry and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) because the industry recognized that it requires special skill to produce well-structured documents that present information clearly and concisely.

Medical writing is generally broken down into two categories. The first one is called medical communications and the second one is called regulatory writing.

Regulatory writing refers to the writing of documents that relate to the pharmaceutical of medical devices development process. These texts are used within the context of the regulatory process that a given drug or a medical device needs to fulfill with to be in the market.

Medical communications refers to writing documents with the objective of informing the public, be it a technical or a non-technical audience, about a given drug, a medical device or a condition.

What are the characteristics that distinguish a good medical writer?

- Ability to understand the purpose and requirements of the project
- Ability to write at a level appropriate to the target audience
- Thorough research of the subject
- Ability to think, logical organization of thoughts and ideas
- Scientific accuracy
- Attention to details
- Ability to work across teams (often remotely) as well as independently
- Good communication & coordination with various people involved in the process
- Good time management, and meeting deadlines and commitments (1)

Medical Writing training
In these courses, participants increase their practical skills in writing a medical text, the structure it needs to have, and how to appropriately review it. The courses on Medical Writing are designed for those who need to prepare documentation related to medicines or medical devices: from clinical research protocols to manuscripts or regulatory submissions.
Through our Medical Writing trainings, you may learn the skills needed to convey your key message to your reader with the appropriate form and format.

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