Scholarly publications are designed to disseminate knowledge.
Nowadays, publishing papers is increasingly important to gain further fundings and, as the COVID-19 era taught us, to share findings with the wider scientific community.
There's no single trick to getting published, but there are a lot of ways that you can improve your chances of acceptance. Most importantly, there are a lot of ways to make the process smooth and even enjoyable, despite being an often dreaded one.

This course will take you through the publishing process and will give the basic foundation knowledge to improve your writing, submitting and publishing experiences.

The goal of this training is to make you feel ready to approach the writing stage in a way that enhances your chances to successfully publish your paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • Publishing: short intro
  • Publication strategy from journal selection to submission: what is it and why you need one
  • The essential of a good manuscript:
    ▪ what makes a manuscript reader- (and editor-) friendly,
    ▪ steps to effective outlining of the different parts,
    ▪ recommendations on how to approach the writing process, references, submission package,
    ▪ ethics in publishing (authorship, redundancy and plagiarism).
  • Understanding the peer review process, decision letters and responding to reviewers’ comments
  • Post acceptance strategies to disseminate your findings even further ( media)
  • Useful resources to improve your writing and checklists

This course is for anyone who needs to write manuscripts for peer-reviewed medical journals, such as medical advisors, scientific writers, medical writers, medical liaisons, scientific communicators, researchers, clinicians, and medical information professionals.

Participant experience
A basic understanding of the publication process would be desirable. However, no publishing or writing experience necessary (that’s what the course is for!).

Interactive lesson with practical exercises.

Arianna Ferrini

Arianna Ferrini

Freelance medical writer and science communicator

Dr Arianna Ferrini is a freelance medical writer and science communicator. She holds a PhD in Tissue Engineering and an MRes in Biomedical Research and Cardiovascular Sciences from Imperial College London (UK), an MSc in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and a BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Florence (Italy). She is the Director of Communications of the Association of Italian Scientists in the UK (AISUK) and the chair of the European Section of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS-EU). She holds a certificate for “Writing in the Science” from Stanford University (USA), a “Foundational Skills for Communicating about Health” certificate from the University of Michigan (USA) and a Diploma in Editing and Proofreading from the Centre of Excellence (UK). She has published more than 10 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Clinical Investigation and Advanced Materials.

After 12+ years of biomedical research experience in the UK, Italy and the USA, in 2020, she translated her technical knowledge and passion for communication into solutions for the medical and scientific community and the wider public. She specialises in Medical Education and works with clients worldwide, offering independent medical writing and science communication consulting services to businesses and individuals that want to capture valuable and meaningful insights from scientific data and spread the message to ultimately translate new research findings into healthcare solutions. Her clients include Johnson & Johnson, Langland, OLM Diagnostics, EPG Health, Regeneus, FirstWord Pharma, Editage and Edanz. As part of her work, she delivers interactive workshops and webinars to academic institutions and organisations covering scientific writing, publication processes and science communication strategies for different audiences.

This online training consists of 1 module:

07 November 2023 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 to 4:00 pm CET

Some days before the online training you will receive all details about the connection.

The course will proceed with a minimum number of participants. Should this number not be reached the registered participants will be notified one week prior to the commencement of the course.

Early Bird: € 550,00* (until 17 October 2023)

Ordinary: € 740,00*

Freelance – Academy – Public Administration**: € 355,00*

* for Italian companies: +22% VAT

** Early Bird discount not applicable to Freelance – Academy – Public Administration fee

The fee includes: tuition, organizational office assistance, teaching materials and attendance certificate that will be sent after the training via e-mail.


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Be more familiar with the publication process
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Know how to better organize Information and how to approach writing and structuring your manuscript effectively
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Feel confident to start planning and writing your next paper

<p>Online interactive training on Zoom platform.</p>
<p><em>LS Academy will provide the access link to the virtual platform a few days before the training.</em></p>

Online interactive training on Zoom platform.

LS Academy will provide the access link to the virtual platform a few days before the training.

<p>Online interactive training on Zoom platform.</p>
<p><em>LS Academy will provide the access link to the virtual platform a few days before the training.</em></p>