• Enrico Pedroni, CEO

    Enrico is currently CEO at EasyB since 2010. He brings over 22 years of extensive experience and management skills, involving marketing and communication activities.
    Prior to joining EasyB, Enrico worked as Marketing and Comunication Director for IDG Communication Italia. In 1996, after experiences as Intern for NGO’s, Enrico accepted a position at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy as Marketing Manager. He earned his degree in Political Science from the Milan University in Italy and his Master degree in International Relations at ISPI, Milan.

  • Giovanni Cremonesi, Scientific Director

    Giovanni, as a consultant, is the scientific director in Life Science Academy.

    Giovanni got a university degree in Medicine and Surgery and has more than 40 years of experience in several pharmaceutical companies and in different positions, mainly in Medical Affairs. Since 2004 Giovanni is also a contract professor at the University of Parma.

  • Valeria Quintily, Project and Scientific Manager

    Valeria is currently Project and Scientific Manager.

    Graduated in 1999 in biological sciences at the University of Padua. For more than ten years he has been involved in clinical research of human medicines and medical devices. Since 2011 she has been responsible for training at LS Academy.

  • Annalisa De Biasi, Project and Scientific Manager

    Annalisa is currently Project and Scientific Manager of Life Science Academy since 2016. She brings over 6 year  of  experience in Safety and PV management skills. Prior to join EasyB, she worked as Materiovigilance and Pharmacovigilance Manager for Cromsource. From 2010-2013 she was employed as Drug Surveillance Specialist in GlaxoSmithKline. In 2009, after Interns for Tecnobios Procreazione, she accepted a position as researcher first at Hospital S. Orsola-Malpighi in  Bologna then in neuroscience department in GSK. She earned her degree in Biological Science at the University of Bologna.

  • Mara Claudia Algarotti, Operations and Training Manager

    Mara is currently Operations and Training Manager of Life Science Academy.

    He holds a degree in “Communication and Multimedia Publishing” at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at the University of Bergamo. She has taken over the time a complex role focusing on studies of communication and copywriting projects, assistance in administrative and accounting management, personnel organization and project staff, administrative management ECM Practices (Continuing Education in Medicine), Quality Management.