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Area Medical Writing

Medical Communications

Presenting scientific data orally

Medical Communications

Data: 9 november 2017 | 9.00-18.00

Sede: Hotel Melià - Milano

Lingua: English

Docenza: Andrea Rossi

*Quota: € 750,00

*Early bird: 26/10/2017




Presenting scientific results requires a combination of communication skills and deep knowledge of the scientific data. Both these aspects are crucial to effectively communicate the results of any study to let the audience interested or, possibly, excited.
This workshop aims to lay down the basics of scientific communication to let the attender able to present the results of its researches in the more effective way. Presentations have to be targeted to different audiences to let the really effective and the way of presenting has to be adapted to different environments.
This workshop is open to professionals living in different countries and with various cultural and scientific backgrounds. The theoretical basics will be turned to practice when attenders will prepare a PowerPoint slide set to present the results of one of their own study to the audience attending the workshop. Feedback from people with different backgrounds will be shared and discussed for each attendee in a structured manner. Attendees are therefore expected to bring a computer and any relevant source material (protocols, study reports, slides, abstracts, manuscripts, etc.) to let them possible prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation.


Who is the course aimed at? 

The course is designed for anyone who knows the basics of clinical research and scientific publishing being interested in presenting their results, including, but not limited to:

  • Experienced Medical Liaisons
  • Medical Affairs
  • Scientists
  • Clinical Operations
  • Phisicians
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Medical Writers
  • Scientific Communications Professionals
  • Medical Communications Professionals
  • Employees of of Biotech and/or Medical Device companies, Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, Consultants Research hospitals, Universities.


Required experience

Knowledge of the basic principles of clinical research and scientific publishing.


  • Welcome and objectives
  • Introduction on the fundamentals of clinical research and communication
  • Preparing an effective presentation: from theory to practice in a multinational environment
  • Face-to-face communication and active listening (exercise)
  • PowerPoint as a tool for effective scientific communication
  • The structure of a presentation
  • Figures and tables
  • Preparing a PowerPoint presentation (individual exercise)
  • Individual presentation and feedback
  • Closing remarks

Teaching methods

Interactive workshop

At the end of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate the results of a clinical study.
  • Create and present scientifically accurate and valid presentations in different environments.
  • Realize their strengths and weaknesses presenting scientific results to different audiences.

Lecturer’s Bio

Andrea Rossi, Medical Writer – Europen Medical Writers Association

Andrea Rossi has a degree in Biology from Florence University. After a brief spell at theUniversity, he started working in the Italian affiliate of Eli Lilly as a Clinical Research Associate. In the next years he was responsible for Statistics, Health Outcomes and MedicalInformation. Andrea has been working as Medical Writer since 2003. He is author of more than 350 disclosures and acknowledged for his contribution in several others. From 2007 to 2009 he was on the coordination board of BIAS (Biometristi Italiani Associati) and has been an European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) member since 2004. Andrea acts as trainer for statistics and medical writing in some Italian schools for specialisation in medicine, and has acted as speaker at national and international conferences. Andrea leads workshops for and is past-president of EMWA.