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Clinical Research

Courses on Clinical Research address Clinical Research on humans and guide participants on the methodological, logistical and documentation needs. Courses on Clinical Research (interactive workshops seminars, discussion) may be of interest to those who work in the life cycle of a pharma product or of a medical device.

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Market Access

Analysing and being aware of the market access strategies for a given drug (regional possible approaches; hospital tenders, buying procedures, operational tools, stakeholders) is of most importance to appropriately manage a pharmaceutical product on the market. Courses on Market Access address all related topics: the basics of Market Access for medicinal products, customizing placement strategies, payers, different scenarios, etc. These courses may be of interest to those working in Departments devoted to Market Access, Marketing or Institutional and Commercial Affairs. Courses, seminars and workshops on Market Access will help you increase the needed knowledge to successfully work in this field.

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Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs comprises clinical research, development, disease awareness, communications and liaison roles, scientific publications and medical evaluations; all shaping the world of pharma and medical devices of today. Medical Affairs courses address this ever-changing field and are designed for professionals responsible of managing drugs/devices within the field. Through our Medical Affairs workshops, seminars and hands-on sessions one may increase the knowledge and expertise needed on the different regulations and documents (protocols, manuscripts, reports, etc.), as well as on the implementation and conduct of clinical trials.

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Medical Device

These trainings address the different topics related to Medical Devices, either low risk, high risk or in vitro diagnostic Devices. From different local regulations, to European and International markets. These courses are designed for professionals involved in the life cycle of the different Medical devices and who wish to increase their knowledge or who, instead, face the world of Medical Devices for the first time. Courses are held as interactive workshops, with lectures, discussions, and exercises.

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Medical Writing

Medical Writing or the drafting, reviewing and editing of medical texts includes both regulatory writing and medical communications. In these courses, participants increase their practical skills in writing a medical text, the structure it needs to have and how to appropriately review it. The courses on Medical Writing are designed for those who need to prepare documentation related to medicines or medical devices: from clinical research protocols, to manuscripts or regulatory submissions. Through our Medical Writing trainings, you may learn the skills needed to convey your key message to your reader with the appropriate form and format.

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Pharmacovigilance courses deal with the latest news on the evaluation and prevention of adverse events or other medical related events, to ensure a good benefit/risk profile for patients: regulations in place, strategy, methodology and even the use of artificial intelligence in the field of pharmacovigilance. These trainings are designed for clinical research professionals who wish to know more about Pharmacovigilance or for those already in the field who need a high-level training. Courses on Pharmacovigilance are held as interactive workshops, with lectures, discussions and exercises.

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Real World Data and Real World Evidence

Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) have an increasingly important role in decisional steps within the healthcare field. Knowing the complexity of this field is an important tool to benefit from the nowadays availability of clinical data. In our Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence courses, designed for professionals dealing with clinical trials, statistical analysis, and manuscripts among others, the concepts behind these two fields are addressed; the rationale behind the use of these data, how to collect RWD, statistical analysis and publication.

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Regulation and Compliance

The world of Regulations and Compliance has become increasingly demanding and rigorous. Being informed and aware of the Regulations to be followed is essential in the medical field. Our courses on Regulations and Compliance help professionals involved in the healthcare field increase their regulatory knowledge and to ensure Compliance in their daily work. The Regulation and Compliance courses are designed as interactive workshops, which include lectures, discussions and exercises.

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How to best comply with local, European and international regulations in the healthcare field. The courses on Regulatory Affairs offer a practical overview on regulations in place: from the local submission of a new study to the European regulations and requirements. These Regulatory trainings are designed for those who need updated and strong regulatory knowledge for their routine activities.

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Statistics and Data Management

Statistics and Data Management in Clinical Studies are of most important for the life cycle of a pharma product or a medical device. From the appropriate statistical design of a Clinical Study to Data Management, statistical analysis and interpretation of results. Courses on Statistics and Data Management are designed for professionals who are responsible of designing clinical studies, of data management or of the statistical analysis. Courses are held as interactive workshops, with lectures, discussions and exercises.

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Tools and Workshop

There is an increasingly amount of Tools within the field of healthcare, as for example, search engines for scientific bibliographic searches, dedicated software, organizational methodologies, etc. Our courses and workshops, with lectures, hands-on exercises and discussions, may be of interest to those working within the healthcare field ad willing to increase their own knowledge and technical skills.

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LS Academy organises courses for pharmaceutical and medical device personnel. The courses are aimed at all professionals involved in the various stages of development and management of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Our courses are designed to convey knowledge through the presentation of concrete examples taken from daily practice. The trainers use the most appropriate way of teaching for each group, providing the most updated information on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Selected trainers
We carefully select trainers according with their work experience and ability to communicate with attenders. Our teachers design and develop their courses according with attender’s expectations.

Analysis of training needs
The training needs of each participant are collected and used by the trainers to properly prepare their courses. Each training is different from others: It is continuously updated and focused to provide top-level personalized training.

Programs and topics always updated
The environment of pharmaceuticals and medical devices is continuously evolving. LS Academy trainers upgrade the programs of their courses to ensure their scientific, regulatory and legislative update.

Limited number of participants
The courses offered by LS Academy have a limited number of attenders, to ensure active involvement of each participant. The sharing of ideas, as well as questions and applications to working activities are essential components of each course. Each attender can apply the learnings to his/her work experience, getting the most out of the training event.

Evaluation of expectations achievement
At the end of any course on pharmaceutical and medical devices, all participants are asked to provide their feedback through ad-hoc questionnaires. The answers are carefully revised and analysed by both LS Academy and the trainer to ensure the satisfaction of those that will attend future scientific meetings. We look forward to meeting you at courses organised by Ls Academy for pharmaceutical and medical device professionals. The opinions provided to us are carefully analysed so that we can constantly improve and enlarge our offer.

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The fee includes: tuition, teaching materials, lunches and coffee breaks, organizational office assistance, attendance certificate. Early Bird discount not applicable to Freelance – Academy – Public Administration fee.
The course will proceed with a minimum of 8 participants. Should this number not be reached the registered participants will be notified one week prior to the commencement of the course.
For further information please contact:  e-mail:  telephone: +39 (0)35.515684

The fee includes: seat at the conference, copy of presentations of Speakers who allow the distribution, informative literature for the day, networking lunch, coffee break, organisational office assistance, certificate of attendance. For further information please contact:  e-mail:  telephone: +39 (0)35.515684

The fee includes: tuition, teaching materials, organizational office assistance, attendance certificate. Early Bird discount not applicable to Freelance – Academy – Public Administration fee. For further information please contact:  e-mail:  telephone: +39 (0)35.515684

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Please note that refunds (50% refund of the registration fee) will only be given if cancellation is received at least four weeks before the event date. Cancellations will only be valid if made in writing. Transfer of registrations (or name changes) are allowed for free and should be made in writing within 7 days prior to the event. EasyB reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event, to change the location of an event or to alter the advertised speakers for an event, to change its performance from residential to webinar/online. EasyB is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of an event due to causes beyond its control including without limitation, acts of God, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade of industrial disputes, terrorism, hostilities, epidemics, pandemics, and / or authorities’restrictions (so-called factum principis).

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