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Events Service Provider CME

The CME system is a tool for ensuring continuous professional training, for the purpose of improving clinical skills and abilities, acquiring technical and managerial skills, and to support the behaviour of health care professionals, with the aim of ensuring the effectiveness, appropriateness, safety and efficiency of the care the National Health Service provides, to the benefit of all citizens.

A Provider’s accreditation serves as an acknowledgement from a public institution (The National or Regional or Autonomous Province Commission for Continuing Education) that the holder is active, capable and qualified in the field of continuing healthcare education, and is therefore authorised to carry out ECM- approved training activities.

Accreditation is based on a system of minimum requirements which are considered essential for undertaking training activities (CME).



EasyB is a standard supplier of

Residential and FAD type training

No. 3445, for all healthcare professionals. 


  • ID Provider: 3445
  • Provider Type: Private Companies, Agencies and Entities
  • Accreditation Date: 07/05/2012
  • Legal Office: Alzano Lombardo (BG)
  • Accreditation Status: Standard
  • Training Type: FAD, RES
  • Organizational Secretariat – E-mail: Telefono: 035515684
  • Professionals: All professions