About us

Life Science Academy:




Our mission is to help our clients with dedication, high standards of quality, and performance monitoring to achieve their goals.


About us

Life Science Academy is the EasyB’s business unit, dealing
with technical and scientific trainings and conferences for professionals involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related medical products. 
LS Academy, with its experience, provides a complete range of

quality services dedicated to the pharmaceutical and CRO industry.
It offers an excellent expertise in the planning and organization of medical and scientific meetings with the collaboration of both national and international experts. LS Academy is a leader in its sector and offers its clients the necessary skills for continuous professional development, ensuring a competitive advantage.


Passion for quality

We work closely with pharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic institutions and the most prestigious medical associations.
We pay maximum attention to the selection of our speakers, experts in national and international levels for the design and implementation of our meetings. The attention to detail, from the choice of the course content to the prestigious locations, is the mark of LS Academy.